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We are a social media marketing company Marketing24by7 Established by SNGM technologies in Lucknow India, which offers niche social media marketing services to all business (small, medium, large, startups) to promote visibility on online platforms. Believing the fact that a brand communicates itself and engraves in the memory of people, we follow the most effective social media marketing strategy considering the unique line of your business, goals and targeted audience. The scope of our services also include PPC campaigns, affiliate management campaigns, digital media buying and online reputation management.


Back to the day, business was running commercial activities at physical locations and targeting short span of geographical area, however, since online marketing tools have crawled deeper into the market, the way of running business has transformed drastically.

We are living in the  India  where almost everyone is familiar with the internet, either for personal/fun activities or business promotions. Social media is here, there and everywhere! The golden rule for today is to build a brand on social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, Twitter , etc.; the place where most customers are located. Social media marketz offers you the pathways to success of your business, breaking geographical barricades to reach a large portion of audience.

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